Product Quality Control Excel Template

Product Quality Control Excel Template

Enhance your manufacturing efforts and reduce defects with our Product Quality Control Excel Template. Designed for customization over Product Measure Limits and dynamic charts for analyzing Control Charts and Process Capability.

Do it right the first time,’ is a saying you probably heard from your parents at some point. While they were referring to cleaning your room or mowing the lawn, this piece of advice is highly transferable to the manufacturing process and ensures you don’t create more work for yourself and team. Our Product Quality Control Excel Template is designed to test, track and review whether products meet the quality standards of customers.

This spreadsheet is equipped with dynamic formulas and charting as well as customization for limits according to your organizational standards.

Product Quality Control Excel Template 1 Product Quality Control Excel Template 2

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In the top left hand side of the Product QC sheet, add your Product Measures Limits and relevant details including Product Name, Operation Line, Department and Control Limits Variation. Items in the table below include the Upper Specification Limit (USL) and Lower Specification Limit (LSL) as well as Defect Opportunities.

Record quality control data and measures in the Data Log. The columns highlighted in grey have formulas that will automatically calculate. Columns with a standard white background contain information for you to input or a drop-down list for your inputs from the Product Measure Limits.

Once you’ve entered your data, click the Refresh button on the right hand side of your sheet so your data is reflected in the charts and visuals.

Product Quality Control Excel Template 2

Your DPMO (Defects Per Million Opportunities), Yield % and Sigma Levels will update once you’ve hit the Refresh button. The Control Chart and Process Capability Per Item will populate via a chart and graph for digestible analysis of your product quality efforts. Dynamic slicers allow you to dive in on the date or a specific item that you want to further research.

Giving a report on this data? Click the Full Screen button for maximum visualization.


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