House of Quality Excel Template

Dial in on your customer requirements with our House of Quality Excel Template. Also known as Quality Function Deployment, specify your engineering specifications with our dynamic matrix to help you visualize product specifications.

House of Quality Excel Template 1

“Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the customer gets out of it.”

These words by management guru Peter Drucker ring true for those who have worked in designing the customer experience. Implementing customer insights can be the difference between a good product and one that rises above the noise and competition to create massive value for the customer and company.

Our House of Quality Excel Template is designed to define, track and convert customer requirements into product design and fulfillment. Built with conditional formatting, structured tables and convenient drop-down lists, this creates a central document for the voice of the customer.

House of Quality Excel Template 2

Before we dive into this template, you may also want to check out our Competitor Price Analysis and Product-Customer Wise templates. These help you evaluate the value of the product relative to the market as well as your customers.

Let’s dive into how to make use of this template.

Start by recording basic information like Project Title, Author, Date and Notes at the top of the sheet. Starting in cell G39, record Customer Requirements (CR) and Functional Requirements (FR). These qualitative requirements may come from the marketing department, customer service or management. Work cross-functionally to acquire these requirements for your table. Rate the Customer Importance on a scale of 1-5, 5 being the most important.


Where the CR and FR meet, select the relation between the two requirements. A solid bullet point indicates a strong relationship. An empty bullet point indicates a moderate relationship and an upside down triangle (a Nabla or inverted Greek delta) indicates a weak relationship.

At the top of the table is our House of Quality triangle structure that examines the relationship between functional requirements to each other. Set the correlation between them using either +ve (positive correlation) and -ve (negative correlation). Keep it blank if no correlation exists.

As the team defines the technical aspects of implementing the customer requirements into the product, select the improvement direction, using the Maximize, Minimize and Target symbols.

At the right side of the table you can record comparisons between your product and other competitors for each customer requirement.

In the table at the bottom of the sheet, you can find the functional rating according to recorded data and the relative weight % of each function.

This is a fun template, one that you wouldn’t expect to see from Excel but is actually perfectly suited for it. The House of Quality template is also referred to as Quality Function Deployment.

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